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About Ordering

Materials can be ordered as complete packages or their individual components. Using the 'Add to Cart' buttons will add products to a secure PayPal shopping cart where you may adjust quantities. If you are unable to use PayPal, please complete and mail the printable order form below.

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Training Materials: Elementary School

This complete package will allow you to train your student peer mediators or to continue the program if CRU has provided the first year of training for your students.

Complete Training Materials Package

Elementary school training package
Elementary School Training Package

View Training Manual Excerpts

Each elementary school training package includes:
  • Manual: CRU for Elementary Conflict Mediators
  • Manual: CRU for the Classroom
  • Manual: Family Problem Solving
  • Video: My Name is Sophie: Digital Download
  • 2 DVD's and Leader's Guides; Everyday Conflicts and Blue Eraser
  • Program Training Aids
  • 15 Feeling Cards
  • 12 Cue Cards (4 Sets)

Package price: $345

(Discount for multiple copies available)

Package Elements Available Individually

Video: 'My Name Is Sophie'

My Name is Sophie image

  • Restating
  • Open Ended Questions
  • "I" Messages
  • Balance the Power
  • Enforcing the Rules
  • Teach the Disputants to Restate
  • What will happen if…?

Sophie shows how differences among children can lead to teasing, harassment, and exclusion. These issues occur in the elementary classroom and on the playground. Peer Mediation helps children respect one another and learn how their behavior impacts others. Length: 8 minutes.

Price: $75

DVD and Leader's Guide: 'The Blue Eraser'

Blue Eraser DVD and leader's guide'

  • Restating
  • Enforcing the Rules
  • Expressing Feelings
  • "I" Messages
  • Focus on the Issue
  • Exploring Solutions

A creative dramatization showing elementary students using the sit-down mediation model to help students in conflict resolve their dispute. The story focuses on one mediator's first experience and demonstrates numerous mediation techniques. Length: 12 minutes.

Price: $95/set

DVD and Leader's Guide: 'Everyday Conflicts, Creative Solutions'

Everyday Conflicts, Creative Solutions DVD and leader's guide

  • Active listening
  • Using "I" messages
  • Dealing with feelings
  • Enforce the rules
  • Balance the power
  • Underlying information

A professionally acted dramatization showing how the Conflict Mediator process works on the playground. The video is accompanied by a Leader's Guide which points out, through an annotated transcript, several mediation skills used in the video. 8min

Price: $95/set

Training Manual: CRU for the Classroom

CRU for Classroom training manual

  • Conflict mediator process
  • Cultural diversity and conflict
  • Communication skills
  • Mediation techniques
  • Difficult situations
  • Being your own mediator
  • Role play example

Conflict Resolution program for the K-6 classroom. The 100 page guide includes twelve detailed lesson plans 20-30 minutes long. The program emphasizes negotiation skills, creates awareness and understanding of the process of mediation, and may be used to begin a new way of dealing with classroom conflict.

Price: $100 each

(Additional copies $50)

Student Handout Booklet

Student Handout Booklets

Price: $4 each

Feeling Cards - Set of 13

Feeling Cards

Price: $4/set

Training Manual: CRU for Elementary School Mediators

CRU for Elementary School Conflict Mediators training manual

  • Conflict mediator process
  • Cultural diversity and conflict
  • Communication skills
  • Mediation techniques
  • Difficult situations
  • Being your own mediator
  • Role play examples

This is an extensive curriculum manual with over 100 pages of material including specific and detailed lesson plans and well explained training procedures. The manual includes handouts for students, program evaluation forms, and instructions for setting up the program in your school.

Price: $150 each

(Discount for multiple copies available)

View Training Manual Excerpts

Parent Training Manual

Parent Training Manual

Includes four sessions, each two hours. Teaches parents how to use conflict mediation with disputing children, how to run family meetings, and how to negotiate or 'be your own mediator' at home.

Price: $75 each

Role Play Cards - Set

Role Play Cards

Price: $4/set