Introduce students to cultural awareness, anti-bullying, and problem solving through five beautifully illustrated animal stories.

'CRU for K-2' program introduction and story readings

Complete Training Materials Package

K2 package

Each package includes two sets of the stories: One for our friends ages 4-6 and one for our friends ages 7-9. The five animal stories are about respecting cultural differences, resolving conflict, and dealing with bullying situations. The stories are beautifully illustrated and are accompanied by 15 large posters. Teachers may choose to read the stories from the books provided or from the backside of the posters.

The package also includes a teacher's manual containing conflict resolution, anti-bullying exercises, and black-line math and literacy exercises coordinated with each story. The Teacher's Manual includes the stories (for ages 7, 8 and 9) Class Lessons, and Class Activities. The Class Lessons help the children better understand the message of each story. The Class Activities extend the children's learning by offering academic and creative responses to each story. Choose the activities appropriate for your class.

Package price: $195

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Package Elements Available Individually

Story Booklets - Set of 10 (single story)

Story Booklets

Price: $12/set

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Teacher's Manual

Teacher's Manual

Price: $100 each








Posters - Set of 15

Posters (small)

Price: $75/set








Feeling Cards - Set of 13

Feeling Cards

Price: $4/set