“Your peer mediation program has been helpful in our endeavor to improve our school climate from one where students solved problems with their fists to one where students feel safe and are able to focus on their learning.”

— Diane Tuttle, Assistant Principal, Highland Middle School Bellevue, WA

"Students who have been trained have exhibited an excitement about the prospect of mediating conflicts. Peer Mediators have come to me repeatedly to inform me that they know they can settle some of these disputes."

— Paul D. Nichols
Assistant Principal
Decatur High School
Federal Way, WA

“We at Memphis City Schools very much appreciate (your training) eleven of our middle and high schools in peer mediation. The enthusiasm you generated has lasted through the year and has made the acceptance and maintenance of the program very different from many which lose steam and eventually fall by the wayside.”

—Judy Faris
Center for Drug Free Schools
Memphis City Schools

“The two days spent met and surpassed my expectations. I was truly glad that I made this choice and I'm excited.”

— Shellie-Ann John